Welcome to Villa di Capo

Villa di Capo, built right beneath the Venetian Castle and overlooking the Cretan Sea and the Caldera, is the ideal place for the visitor who wants to discover the island of Santorini, to use as a base.

Villa di Capo, a compound on the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri in Santorini, was once a traditional winery owned by the family of Antonis and Theologini Arvanitis. Founded in 1926, the winery produced various wines made with grapes from the ancient vineyards of the island of Thira.

Grapes were stomped with the makers’ feet at the winery’s main building Villa di Capo-Antonis, where no mechanical presses were used. The grapes were stomped into must in the winepresses, which are preserved in their original state in the building.

The must was later put into oakwood barrels and moved to the hollow building Villa di Capo – Maria, to age.

The marble inscriptions, the oak barrels, the vineyard winch, the winepress, the clay pots and some of the tools used in the winemaking process, are all part of the Villa di Capo decoration, today.

We are looking to respect the site’s history and give the visitor the chance to experience a journey to a long gone era, while all the same providing a unique experience of luxurious hospitality.


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